General conditions


The client accepts the general conditions for holiday apartments at the time of booking. (Valencian Parliament Directive 30/1993, 3 march), plus the following articles:
ALQUITUR will represent the owner(s) of the apartment during the term of occupation. Reservations can be made by post, fax 003461726657 or telephone 003491731280. A deposit of 50% of the price is required.
Working hours: Weekdays between 09 hrs and 13 hrs., and 16 hrs. to 19 hrs. Saturday: 10 hrs. To 13 hrs. Sundays and holidays we are closed. During the months of july and august working hours differ from those mentioned above, namely: weekdays: 9 hrs. to 13 hrs., and 17 hrs. To 20 hrs. Saturdays: 10 hrs. to 13 hrs.
Occupation of apartments during july and august takes place on the first (1st) and sixteenth (16th) of each month, between 16 hrs. and 21 hrs., and vacation of apartments will take place on the fifteenth (15th) and thirtieth (30th) of each month between 7 hrs and 12 hrs. During july and august bookings for dates other than indicatedcannot be accepted. During the rest of the year other dates can be accepted with a minimum booking of one (1) week, occupation and vacation of apartments to take place during office hours.
SPECIAL SERVICE: Occupation and vacation of apartments outside of office hours will require a supplement of 30 ’- €uros, plus notice of vacation 24 hrs. in advance. Vacation of apartments must take place before 12 hrs. otherwise a supplement of 3 times the value of one night’s tenancy will be levied.
Clients are requested ro present themselves in the office on the first day of occupation, whereby the account may be settled. ALQUITUR is situated in the Plaza Mongrell nº 7, in Cullera. A minimum deposit of 100’- €uros is also required to cover any possible damage to furniture and fittings, which is refundable should no damage occur. The client should notify ALQUITUR of departure 24 hrs. in advance.
Personal cheques will not be accepted.
All apartments are equipped with furniture, bed linen, kitchen utensils, and cleaning materials, and should be left in the same condition when vacating.
The apartment is to be used for holiday purposes only, and not for business purposes. The number of guests allewed is indicated in the catalogue.
Animals are not permitted in the apartment.
ALQUITUR does not accept responsibility for damage caused by clients to public services such as water, electricity, gas, etc.
Clients are requested to respect the usual niceties of communal living in relation to noise and litter. Should extra heating be required, please give 24 hrs. notice in advance, and note that this service is not included in the original price.
ALQUITUR reserves the right to change apartments for another of the same category and price.
CANCELLATIONS AND INDEMNATIONS: Notice of cancellation of 30 days or more, 10% payable. More than 7 days and less than 30 days, 50% payable. Less than 7 days notice, 100% payable.
Should the client not present themselves by 24 hrs. after the date of booking, it will be assumed by ALQUITUR that the client has cancelled.